Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Are You Using Website Traffic Checkers?

If you have a website properly tracking the visitors is essential.  Doing this will allow you to gauge how many people are visiting your site, as well as whether or not people are being attracted by changes that you have recently made, such as when building links or marketing.

Two of the most popular tools that can you use for this purpose, which are free, are Google Analytics and Bing's analytical tool.  These tools are a must have for someone who's serious about their website, because they allow the website owner to find out their monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly traffic.  In fact, you can even find out who's on your site right this very moment by using the real-time option. But this isn't the only thing that these web site traffic checkers can do. They are also extremely useful for:

Finding out where in the world your traffic is coming from. If you are hoping for a certain demographic these tools can help you to find out who is visiting your site, and from which part of the world.

This information is paramount if you are seeking a certain audience, say visitors from the United States or any other demographic.

Another great thing about these tools is that they will let you know where your visitors came from. Obviously visitors don’t just magically show up on your site, there was a route that they took in order to get there. Now, this could be from the organic rankings of a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, where a user typed a keyword into the search engine and found your site within the results, or they could have landed on your site by referral. A referral could be an article site, web 2.0, You Tube, etc. A referral is pretty much just a door way to your site, usually via link, blog comments are also a way that a visitor can find your site after clicking a link left from within blog comments on a different site. 

This is solid information when used effectively, because you can find out what is and what isn’t working in regards to producing traffic for your website. So if you find out that a visitor found your site from a certain keyword you can find out how you rank for that keyword and try to capitalize on it, or make an effort to increase its ranking. If you found out that a user found your site from a referral then you can participate more from wherever you got that referral, if you feel it is worth pursuing. You need to go where the traffic is, and convince them to visit your site.

The bottom line is, if you are trying to run a business, and want to do so effectively, every little bit of information that you can muster up about your visitors will help you to be successful. These tools are fantastic for this purpose, and you can customize them to your liking as well.

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